Features of our English curriculum: “SMART” Learning

Speaking English fluently

Boosting students’ confidence in using English to communicate fluently in a wide variety of contexts is one of the major goals of our school-based curriculum.

The curriculum is diversified with many authentic activities to challenge the students’ language and generic skills. Our students are encouraged to conduct self-directed learning, take part in debates, perform in English dramas as well as learn how to be English Ambassadors to develop their fellow students’ English skills.

English speaking lessons are conducted regularly with the NET teacher

Mastering English easily

Providing an authentic, meaningful and supportive learning environment for students to learn English in order to motivate them to use English for communicative purposes.

Students applying the language items learnt in “Visiting the Clinic” role play

Acquiring the language effectively

Applying a wide range of teaching strategies, such as e-learning, self-directed learning, co-operative learning and developing different generic skills to help students acquire the language in a progressive manner.


English E-learning Platform


1. ClassDojo (P.2-3)


2. I-learner (Interactive e-learning platform to consolidate students’ learning)

3. Bug Club

Our school-based extensive e-reading platform to encourage reading for pleasure


Co-operative learning strategies are used to cater for learners’ diversity

Releasing potential unexpectedly

Organizing different kinds of activities both at school and outside of the school to provide an English rich learning environment for students to use the language and consequently stretching their potential.

English Day (Every Friday)

English Day Camp

Project learning: Interviewing Native English Speakers

Creative Writing Workshop

English drama and reader’s theatre

English storytelling competitions

Choral speaking competition

CLST cinema

English Buddies

English Ambassadors

Reading Fun Fun Fun

Teaching students professionally  

Striving for academic excellence, a team of professional teachers engaged in a wide variety of continuous professional development programmes to further enhance their professionalism.

Professional development programme provided by the Language Support Unit, EDB

A meeting with the consultant hired by the PEEGS scheme on strategic planning when creating an English-rich environment at school

A professional development workshop on self-directed learning conducted by an Advisory Teacher from the EDB’s NET section

Our English panel chairperson conducting a professional development workshop for teachers in the Shantou district of China



Authentic and Interactive English Curriculum – KS1 Space Town Literacy Programme

KS2 learning in real contexts and authentic settings